Rental procedures


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Flow of rental process

  • 01
    Inquire of SETEC about your rental availability (- Exhibition Industry Team in the Department of Creative Industry at your visit)
  • 02
    Submit your exhibition plan
  • 03
    Mutual discussions for the rental availability including the adjustment of your exhibition schedule
  • 04
    Provide your rental application documents (exhibition room use application,exhibition room use agreement, copy of business registration certificate)
  • 05
    Issue of an official letter for advice on a rental agreement
  • 06
    Deposit of contractual payment for rental fee (20% of your rental fee)
  • 07
    Enter into the rental agreement
  • 08
    Deposit of interim payment for rental fee (6 months in advance for your rental, 30% of your rental fee)
  • 09
    Submit various forms relating to the use of exhibition center as well as your advertising materials for the exhibition (10 days before your rental, including an application for technical supports, drawings, work reports etc.)
  • 10
    Deposit of the remaining rental fee and management fee (remaining payment 7 days before your rental: 50% of rental fee, deposit: 55% of basic rental fee)
  • 11
    Submit your information relating to your opening ceremony (3 days before opening)
  • 12
    Start your exhibition (submit press release and directory)
  • 13
    Settle down your other fees for exhibition center