SETEC Introduction


a reliable partner for small and medium enterprises in Seoul.

Welcome to SETEC
SETEC represents exhibition and convention facilities in Koreawith its specialized facilities and supporting systems for your exhibitions and conventions, while making endless efforts to provide venues of interchanges for your new opportunities and successful businesses.
SETEC holds over 70 professional exhibitions and events in various fields including architect shows, infant product shows, franchise shows, and IT device exhibitions among others every year. Over 10,000 small and medium enterprises on annual average participate in various exhibitions held in SETEC for their successful development of sales channels and marketing activities. In addition, SETEC has been awarded he Winner of Exhibition and Convention from ‘the Grand Prize for Korea’s Representative Brands’ for four years in a row during 2013 ~ 2016 and 'Korean Prestige Brand Awards 2017~2019

satisfaction in the future, while trying our best for more growth as MICE facilities to represent Korea through the development and support of new exhibitions, and expansion of sales channel supports.

Thank you.