Rental fee

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Rental fee rate Table
Division Unit Rental fee Remarks
Exhibition ,
Exhibition Room 1 (3,130㎡) KRW/m²,day 1,150 Indoor rental fee shall be applied to fee for exhibition lobby.
Exhibition Room 2 (1,684㎡)
Exhibition Room 3 (3,134㎡)
Discount or premium for indoor or outdoor exhibition Month 3,4,5,10,11 % 120
(Peak season)
Applied to basic rental fee and overtime charge for our exhibition center.
1,2,6,8,9 100
(Ordinary Season)
7,12 80
Size If all the indoor facilities are used 5 (discount)
If all the indoor facilities are used twice or more a year 5 (discount) Applied from the second exhibition.
Overtime charge

1. The time of free use shall be supported differently by the installing time and room in accordance with provisions of Clause 4 of Article 8 in SETEC Operating Regulations.

2. 1/12 of daily rental fee per hour exceeding the basic use time of exhibition center (08:00~20:00) shall be added.

  • ※ If the discount rate is applied at the same time between the monthly and the size, only one higher discount rate is applied.
  • ※ In the case of an outdoor exhibition hall, it can be used after obtaining permission from the competent ward office in consultation with the Agency.
  • Note 1) How to calculate rental fee (basic): Basic rate × Rental area × Rental time × 1.1 (including Value Added Tax)
  • Note 2) Overtime use is possible if it is requested to and accepted by SETEC by 17:00 PM on the day.