Operational Purpose & Function

Defferentiated Service + Defferentiated Knowhow + Intensive Development of Global Exhibition Business


Aim at the intensive development of global exhibition business
Location at the strategic traffic stream of Gangnam in Seoul playing a role of a business hub in Northeast Asia.
Delivery of various opportunities for the successful business with the construction of international networks through the exhibition and convention industry.
Intensive development of domestic exhibition industry to the global exhibition industry with the differentiated service and knowhow
s well as lead to the increased export of small and medium enterprises in addition to supports for the development of overseas sales channels.
SETEC as a central hub in the exhibition and convention industry for the successful business through management innovation and operational system improvements, based on the international exhibition and convention facilities with operational knowhow by experts

Feature & Function

Delivery of high-quality exhibition&convention services for the successful business
[Organization of exhibition facilities for the depiction of showroom spaces for various demands] You may use the whole or part of SETEC depending on the characteristic, size or feature of your exhibition as SETEC consists of three exhibition rooms.

[Operation of customized convention centers specializing in international business] Our four convention rooms provide you with specialized facilities for international conventions, conferences, and various seminars as they were born to build up your business environment to depict various events in link with your exhibitions.

[SETEC puts public interests into higher priority] SETEC carries out operations for the actual springboard to the success of small and medium enterprises under Seoul Metropolitan Government’s supports in an effort to make contributions to the vitalization of our national economy through the participation marketing and public relations of more small and medium enterprises.